Alert – Jury Duty Scam

Please note that we will never call you and ask for money to cancel a warrant or ask you for confidential information. If you receive a call from anyone that ask you for money, hang up immediately and call 615-862-8600 to file a report.

Free Bus Transportation for Jury Duty

Dear Davidson County Juror,

The Chancery, Circuit and Criminal Courts of Nashville & Davidson County are partnering with the Metro Transit Authority (MTA) to offer the option of public transportation to and from jury duty.

The MTA covers all corners of Davidson County with more than 40 bus routes serving the transportation needs of area residents. You may find the MTA a welcome alternative to driving alone, fighting traffic and looking for a parking place when reporting for jury duty. All MTA buses begin and end their trips downtown on Deaderick Street — one block from the Metro Courthouse and the Justice A. A. Birch Building.

If you are interested in learning about taking the MTA to and from jury duty, follow the easy steps below:

    1. Go online to (see “Trip Planner” or “Maps and Schedule”) or call MTA Customer Care (862-5950) for schedule information. MTA offers both local and express service to and from downtown Nashville. Be sure to obtain information on how you can arrive in time to report for jury duty before 8:30 a.m. as well as for an early mid-day trip, and a 4:30 p.m. or later departure. Please note that many express service buses have two or three early morning and evening trips. Local bus service on the major corridors and other neighborhood streets operate more frequently throughout the day.
    2. Call the Jury Staff (615-862-5294) or email telling them that you want to take the MTA to jury duty. Please notify the Jury Staff five (5) business days before the first day you are to report for jury duty so there is enough time to process your request and for you to receive your bus pass in the mail. The Jury Staff will mail you a one-ride pass good for your first bus ride to jury duty. Jury Staff will give you a pass for your return trip when your report to the Jury Assembly Room. Passes for all of your future trips for jury service will be distributed in the Jury Assembly Room.
    3. Remember that your MTA bus passes are given in place of reimbursement for parking. You will not be able to receive bus passes and obtain free parking.

We hope you will enjoy this convenient way to report to jury duty. Again, thank you for your service.